A blockchain enabled consortium led
trade finance solution

UTC is proud to be the first and only national trade finance platform of the country built on nascent technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence in order to inspect and validate trade invoices and fraudulent activities on its platform.

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Co-creation approach

Our unique approach reflects collaboration and co-creation combines together expertise from e& enterprise internal experts on the blockchain, leading external developers and drawing knowledge from the domain owners themselves.
We strongly believe together matters in creating industry-wide solutions wherein the applied approach has led to the country’s first commercialized blockchain distributed application (ĐApps) with a consortium of banks.


Our solution helps in handling multiple types of trade-related documents which are inspected, validated and tested for authenticity. UTC’s blockchain ensures trust, transparency and privacy between multiple organizations. A combination of leading-edge technologies has been assembled into a robust platform deployed on the e& enterprise e1 cloud


Artificial intelligence

Cloud native

Machine learning

Rules based engine

Our blockchain platform records information in a secure manner that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system. Blockchain in its genome offers trust, transparency & privacy between multiple organizations in the consortium network.

Invoices Processed


Collaborating Banks


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